jeudi 22 juillet 2010


"DIABOLICO"1000x250 535$
Created today July 22

Art created with the help of a layer
layer/new/layer in photoshop (hope it help)
Modern, Distinguished, Pop.
Diabolico Art Work. Cheap Buy

If any interest toward my art, put in a commentary and the artwork will be auctioned on ebay

thx. WAFB
Other Art I did 2 month ago after a slepless night because of noises in the streets.

Automn 780x500 499$

A tree, leaves, behind a view that you cannot see because of the incredible beauty in front of your eyes.


Hello, sorry for the error in the spelling of the site.

Hi, I'm a web artist from Bangladesh. I do Art Work on photoshop for a living. On this blog I will try to update my Art, so all can see the great things I can do with photoshop. I have learned all by my self " Have Had little help from tutorials "

All of my Art Work are for sale. Depending on the quality and the size of the art work, between 70$ and 595$.

My First post, my first art work on the web site. Hope you enjoy.

To sell for 215$ because it's small format but very powerful

You can see a simplistic depiction of a king ( You see the back of head left ) and the castle of the king. The road as some red in it to make like a red carpet effect. art work is simple yet evocative of surrealism and powerfulness.